Google cloud API SQL

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I hope this email finds you well. I am seeking guidance on setting up a Google Cloud database and integrating APIs for Shopify, payment processing, customer data, and addressing privacy policy rejections.


I aim to understand the process of creating a Google Cloud database and efficiently integrating APIs, particularly for Shopify and payment gateways, using SQL for effective data management.

Could you please provide guidance on:


  1. Setting up a Google Cloud database and best practices for efficient management.
  2. Integrating Shopify's API into the database for seamless data synchronization.
  3. Integrating payment gateway APIs securely for transaction processing.
  4. Effective tools or practices for managing customer data securely within the database.
  5. Handling and managing data within the database in case of privacy policy rejections to comply with regulations and maintain transparency.
  6. I'm also uncertain whether separate API subscriptions are required for these integrations or if they can be directly incorporated into the database.


Any clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

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