Help - questions regarding creating a chat bubble

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I want to create a chat bubble which a store owner can configure according to their own specific store.


There will be a basic configuration page in the store admin and the chat bubble in the store visitor UI. While I am getting a good idea of how to deal with the shop admin part of the app, I am struggling with embed block/theme extension.


I am trying to visualize and draw a high-level roadmap for that but I have a few questions 


  1. Do I have to use Liquid only to develop the chat UI for visitor? And any resource for developing complex apps there - for eg I see multiple user review apps with many different types of views, how can this be done in liquid?
  2. Will the chat bubble fall under the category of a theme extension, embed app or app block?

I have basic React experience and new to Shopify ecosystem. Thanks in advance!

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