HMAC verification works on web but not in Shopify mobile app

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I am using Shopify App Bridge to create an embedded Shopify app.


When a user installs my shopify app, I verify the user by computing the HMAC and comparing it with the one that Shopify sends me during the install process.  I compute the HMAC by calling:




This works perfectly when a user visits the app in the web browser through their Shopify admin.  However, when they visit the app in the mobile app the HMAC that I calculate and the HMAC that Shopify provides to me are different.  


Any idea why the HMAC wouldn't be the same for both web and mobile?

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Hey @trentjones21.


At this time I can't replicate the issue. From what library are you calling HmacSHA256? I don't think this is a part of App Bridge as far as I can tell. When I calculate the HMAC by hand, it computes as expected for both Mobile and the Web.


The params look to be the same across those two platforms too, so I'm at a bit of a loss based on what I see.


Some of my Ruby code:


  def secure_request?(params)
    Rack::Utils.secure_compare(params['hmac'], calculate_hmac(params)) # true or false

  def calculate_hmac(params)
    OpenSSL::HMAC.hexdigest('sha256', SHARED_SECRET, sorted_string_params(params))

  def sorted_string_params(params){|k,v|  "#{k}=#{v}"}.sort.join('&')



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