How to adapt or migrate a php app on ubuntu server to CLI 3?

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Hello everyone,
I'm a project manager and writing on behalf of my developer and client.
A short summary: we created an app to add an iframe on a product page. We started app approval process which was going fine till we found out we must use theme app extensions; and we used Script Tags.

As the Online Store 2.0 update is here, we highly recommend all apps that are affecting the Shopify Storefront to use only the Theme App Extension as Script Tags will be deprecated soon.

The extension that suits us is Online store and we can have only if the app is build with Shopify CLI. Shopify support didn't help and recommended looking for help on this forum.

The questions are:
1 - How to adapt the php app to CLI 3?
2 - How to migrate the php app to CLI3?

Maybe some of you have faced similar issues and had a different solution. I'd appreciate any help here.


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