Improve the bug reporting process!

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I've reported two severe bugs on this forum over the past month.  Neither of them received any comments from official Shopify staff.


This was fixed, but apparently broke again this week:


This one is still broke, having started today.  Even breaks published app installs.


1. I'm a little surprised bugs this severe are making it to production.

2. With bugs this severe making it to prod, there should be a better way to report bugs and know they're being looked into.


I don't feel like I'm asking for much!  I'm reporting bugs that break the tutorial, brand new Shopify CLI generated apps, and even a bunch of published apps.


So what's the best way to report these kinds of bugs and make sure they're noticed?





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I'm trying to report a bug as we speak and found this before any obvious method of reporting. I second this.

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Posting here seems to be the preferred way to report bugs.  The problem is that this is also a general support forum.  As a result, I think things get overlooked by Shopify staff.  These bugs are absolutely killing me when I have deadlines and need to deliver for clients.

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I agree 100%.


The situation is just silly, lots of bugs making it to prod and we can't get the looked after quickly enough.

It's production! 


If we could have a 'production bug' chat room I believe that would help a lot.

Sending a form via the partner support is just too slow for prod issues.

If we had an official room, we could at least quickly discuss potential bugs and see if they are indeed prod bugs affecting all stores/apps, or isolated issues.


Right now I'm pretty sure there is a bug causing app installations to fail and I have no idea when / if it will be looked at...

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They also have a way to email app developers about bugs, but I haven't received any emails about those two bugs mentioned above which are pretty big bugs.

It's also a little concerning that one of those was fixed and then broke again, and no word from Shopify on why and how they will prevent it from happening again.

They have tutorials for using Nextjs, and yet their own navbar produced links that would throw a 404 if using next js and their own tutorials...

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Indeed! It's frustrating with the current speed of responses and lack of statuses.


Surprised all of these things are being let into production. They affect the whole ecosystem