Major issues with theme development

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Hi everyone,


I'm experiencing major issues with theme development recently. I encounter the following problems:


1) When running a dev server, initially changes in code show in the browser (hot reload). In some cases it's necessary to manually refresh. When I have to do that, all my changes revert back to the initial version. After that, hot reload won't show changes anymore. Pushing to the local dev branch doesn't do anything. Spinning up a new server only sometimes helps.

2) Sometimes when I pull a branch and spin up a dev server, I still get the live version. Pushing to the local dev branch doesn't do anything.

3) Since yesterday changes pushed to a branch will also only randomly show in preview. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to apply. Sometimes changes don't apply at all until I randomly add a new HTML element somewhere – only then my previous changes will show.

The issues started a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had any problems before that. I stopped running dev servers altogether and started pushing every change to a branch and work with the preview only. Since yesterday I'm not sure this is a viable option anymore either. Any leads?

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