Migrating from EASDK to App Bridge 2.

Migrating from EASDK to App Bridge 2.

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We have transferred the Geo Targeting - Notify pop-ups application from the EASDK to the App Bridge 2.0. The App Bridge uses host for initialisation. The application doesn't use cookie but the access token only. While attempt to open the app we can only get the message: "This app can't be loaded Contact the developer  for support." In the meantime we still getting the errors in console from EASDK: "Shopify.AppMessenger received message null from unexpected origin " (etc.)Application: Geo Targeting - Notify pop-ups
The app is written on php+js, React JS isn't used


How can we solve the problem?

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Hi !

Previously your app was using a few EASDK methods that are not supported on AppBridge, so you were opted out of AppBridge. We've lifted the opt out, so you should have no troubles now.

Feel free to reach out again if you're still experiencing problems!



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