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.htaccess.htaccessbuttonbuttonrouterouteerrorerrorI installed an app using Shopify cli. I try to add a route using laravel and view the page from the resource folder. but it shows an error. I also add a .htaccess file in the public folder. how can I solve this issue and create a nav menu? All my attachments are in first comment. 

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Hey @aralim11,

I am not a PHP developer, but did locate several recent references to that error on StackOverflow. Though I'm unable to review your app's code, this appears to be most commonly related to authorization, and potentially it's implementation of App Bridge.

  • The CLI apps use our official API libraries - eg. Shopify Official PHP Library. The documentation covers covers basic setup and examples for, authorization, session handling, utility methods, and more.
  • We also found a closed issue in the Shopify CLI Github repo that may offer some additional insights on setup for utilizing App Bridge in PHP. 

If you are still seeing unexpected results after working through those resources, creating an issue in either repo is likely the best next step. Otherwise, do keep an eye on this thread for any additional input from those more familiar with PHP, and don't hesitate to share additional findings or solutions here as well!

- Cheers!

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