Need help to display local currency amount during checkout

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Hello Shopify Community, I have a Shopify store  and it's primary location is India. Because of this, I am not able to access Shopify Payments. This is severely impacting my access to international customers. 


Let's say a customer from Europe visits my store,  he cannot see the prices of the products in Euro. However, thanks to Shopify App store, I was able to solve this problem by installing a currency conversion app. Nevertheless, when the same same customer checks out, he will again be able to see the final price in INR instead of Euro and is forced to pay the final amount in Rupees.


So, I kindly request you to provide some practical solutions to this problem. In other words, my customers must be able to checkout and pay the bill with the help of local currency they use. All this must happen even when I cannot install Shopify payments app.


Thank you.

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