newly installed app is not appearing under apps menu in store admin page

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Hello, we are having an issue seeing the newly installed apps (with payment app extension) appear in a given store's admin page.

this issue occurs for all our newly created apps (created 21 days ago) , except for an older app (created 4 months ago) RBCpayplan 2.0 ngrok which behaves as expected. unlike the other apps, it has the banner warning as follows:



Your app has been detected as using the Embedded App SDK (EASDK) or its backwards compatibility layer, which will be removed from Shopify on March 1, 2022. Update this app to App Bridge 2.0 before the deadline.



I suspect there is some quality about this older app that is not configurable that allows it to work, versus our new app which does not.

to replicate:

1. install Bread App (Sam K) app on store samk-bug-test2. do this through  Partners Page > Apps > Bread App (samk) > Test your app > select store > samk-bug-test2 . click install/accept, and verify that a success message is received.
2. log into samk-bug-test2 admin page. navigate to Apps and see that no app such app is listed.

what i've tried:

  •  verified that the app exhibiting the issue (Bread App (samk)) has a payment app extension version that is approved and published. it also has developer store preview enabled
  • I have tried with a newly created development store
  • verified that our healthy and unhealthy apps are using the same configurations for their app setup and app extension
  • verified healthy app and unhealthy app are running the exact same code on our end.
  • looked at the Graphql for each app via the graphql explorer. only thing suspicious is that the RBCpayplan 2.0 ngrok app has a handle that doesn't match the current app name (sam-k-public-app-test) 

My ultimate question is, why are we unable to view the app in the admin page for our newer apps? is there some other piece of configuration missing? 

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Since posting I've additionally  tried the following: 
creating a new app, whose offsite payment provider name matches the working version, this new app still exhibits the same behaviors.