NextJS -- Taking advantage of GetServerSideProps

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I'm having a pickle of a time getting access (pun intended) to user session accessTokens in the GetServerSideProps function so as to prepopulate props with page data on page load.


I am able to use the server's own offline access token for api calls to work, however I cannot access the logged-in app's scope and use 



const session = await getSessionToken(app);
console.log("current session: ", session);



inside the GetServerSideProps function. 

What am I missing?

I'm assuming this is a desired design pattern, rather than making all app queries after page load with session token.


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Hmm.  K, so because the GetServerSideProps is running on the backend, its' neccessary to pull the session info off the koa context:


   const { req, res } = ctx;

    const sessionRetrieved = await Shopify.Utils.loadCurrentSession(

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Hello @rustcity  I am also facing same problem. I also want to make req using getserversideprop, but not able to find any solution. If you found solution can you please share with me.