ngrok Update App url and redirect url via API

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Pretty simple question that I can't seem to find the solution for anywhere.

During development, every restart of ngrok free version requires an update of the app URL and redirect url's.

I noticed the Shopify CLI can do this automatically, but I can't find the documentation for it?

I'm rolling a custom framework and want to embed the functionality in my server script like so:

  if (MODE === "development") {
    HOST = await ngrok.connect(port);
    console.log("ngrok tunnel live at ", HOST);
    //Update the app URL and redirect urls
    await setAppUrlAndWhitelist(HOST)


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+1 for this, it's a pain to set the app URL every time ngork restarts. Can anyone please help?

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Feel free to reach out to me at or @rohanrajpal98 on Twitter

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this is very important question. why shopify didnt answer it still?? what a stupid app!

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were you able to solve this thing?


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Hey @webx47 - we don 't have specific documentation for how the CLI integrates ngrok at the moment. That said, the source code for the implementation is publicly available here. 

We can't offer support for implementations outside of our official libraries at the moment, but this is definitely something I'll note on my end and bring to my colleagues. I can see the need for a wider support experience, especially when you're in the early stages of developing for Shopify. I can't guarantee anything - but I would like to use this thread as an example on my end that I can show to my colleagues as an example of where we can help further.


Hope this helps!


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