Non-Embedded App Using CLI 3

Non-Embedded App Using CLI 3

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Hi There,
Im pretty new to Shopify Public app development and i started a new test app from Shopify Node.js template.
I used this the instructions from Here.

Im using CLI 3 and to Create the app i used this command:
"npm init @Shopify/app@latest"

I follow all the steps and finally i have a running QR generator App.




Now i want to make the app non-embedded, i follow those steps but the app still opens in Shopify Admin:
1. Disable "Embedded" app - directly from Shopify App Setup --> Embedded App Manage --> Disable "Ebedded"






2. I've Set forceRedirect: from "true" to "false" on the AppBridgeProvider.jsx file.




I know there is the 3rd step on the server file to set "IS_EMBEDDED_APP" to "false" but in CLI 3 that is missing.

The app still redirect to embedded app and i cannot escape this iframe.

I would like to receive suggestions on ways to solve this problem, because I did not find any correct and available information about it.

Thanks ! 

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