Price getting Multiplied

Price getting Multiplied

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I am  having an issue where when I try to upload a price for products from the EPOS system to their integrated Shopify site. However, when they upload the product the price then multiplies by 100,000. 
For example, when we try to upload a product that is £29.50, we press upload and then it appears as £295,000 on the website. 
Is this an issue on your side or am I doing something?

Here is an the json update request that I am making:

{"product":{"variants":[{"price":"29.5000","sku":"5011039010774","fulfillment_service":"manual","inventory_management":"shopify","option1":"Default Title","taxable":true,"barcode":"5011039010774","weight":0.0,"weight_unit":"kg","requires_shipping":true}]}}
However, once the request comes back down from Shopify side then the price is ow multiplied. 
The Epos is connected to Shopify via API.
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Hey @PremierEPOS - thanks for getting in touch, this is definitely an odd response you're getting from the product update PUT request.


Our team was able to do some testing on our end and weren't able to replicate the issue as described in the request body information you shared. We initially thought that it had to do with the additional 0s present in the price "29.5000", but in our testing, we found that the price updated correctly even with additional decimal points at the end as the request should only surface up to two decimal points in the price field. 


That said, we're more than happy to keep looking into this on our end - would you be able to share an X-Request ID from a response header for that API call if possible? If we have that ID, we'd be able to take a look at it specifically in our logs to do a bit of a deeper dive into this issue with you.


Let us know if we can clarify anything on our end - hope to hear back from you here soon. 



Alan | API Support @ Shopify
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Hi @Alan,


I have been doing more testing on the account and a brand new product that was created earlier at £10 and when it was uploaded to the web it came back down at £10000. And then when the price was changed to £11 and uploaded to the web it came back down at £11000. 


X-Request-ID: 67a9189c-7a9e-45cf-a3de-892395e0411a 


Furthermore, we have a test account that we have tested this on and the pricing work fine and this account uses £. Could it be anything to do with the account being in Euro's for the currency. 

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HI @Alan , 


Are you able to help with this issue. I have made another test site which uses Euros and the same thing is happening. Would you be able to check this please.