Programmatically create apps on the Partner Dashboard

Programmatically create apps on the Partner Dashboard

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I am looking for a way to create Apps on the Partner Dashboard programmatically. My company has several merchants that want to use our custom app to leverage our payment gateway. Since this is a custom app and custom apps can only be used by one store, we will need to create one app per merchant store which could be a ton of overhead if we have to do this manually.

I know the the Shopify CLI app calls an endpoint on some GraphQL api that creates apps on the dashboard, but the CLI app also requires logging in through the browser and also includes a bunch of code scaffolding stuff that we dont need.


My question is: Is there a solution or work around for being able to create apps on the partner dashboard? It seems like it should be possible since the CLI app can do it, but I dont actually see any documentation on the API the CLI app uses


Has anyone come up with a workaround or a solution for this? Also is there any plan to add this to the Partner API it seems like it would be really useful to a lot of people to be able to manage apps through an API rather than manually

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Two quick ideas/workarounds come to my mind:

  1. Have your app public but UNLISTED. Only the shops with link can access it.
  2. You can try to use Selenium WebDriver to automate via Shopify Partners GUI.

Good luck!

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The CLI is open source, so you could potentially figure out the API from that.