Rolling a Custom Project without Shopify CLI

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After getting set up with the Next / Koa starter I found myself wondering "what is the Shopify CLI really doing that I can't do myself?"

As far as I can tell it's just providing:

1. The starter installation <- simple

2. ngrok to tunnel <- simple

3. An auth connection to install the app on my Development store <-- (This is the key one)

My goal is to build a Shopify starter for as I believe it's going to provide a substantially better experience, but i'd also like to have an environment that doesn't require a full Ruby + Devkit installation if it can be helped, but that might just be a pipe dream so let me know!

If someone also has a tech blog on rolling out a custom framework for shopify apps they could share that would be awesome, i'm sure it's been done before 🙂





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I am new to shopify app development but I am also trying to wrap my head around the CLI. To me it seems like an added complexity, most of the documentation is written around CLI which takes away details about internals.