Session Token not resolved in localhost

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While developing Shopify Embedded app locally, session token is not resolved.
I'm using ngrok as per guides in Shopify.


My app initialize:

  const [appBridgeConfig] = useState(() => {
      const host = btoa('')
    window.__SHOPIFY_DEV_HOST = host;

    return {
      apiKey: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
      forceRedirect: false,

 Same host is in Partners Dashboard. Using `authenticatedFetch` function:

export function useAuthenticatedFetch() {
    const app = useAppBridge();
    const fetchFunction = authenticatedFetch(app);

    return async (uri, options) => {
        const response = await fetchFunction(uri, options);
        checkHeadersForReauthorization(response.headers, app);
        return response;

And nothing is printed in console after `fetchFunction` . While using Demo store for app testing - it works like a charm. Packages:


  "@shopify/app-bridge": "^3.7.2",
  "@shopify/app-bridge-react": "^3.7.2",
  "@shopify/app-bridge-utils": "^3.5.1",


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Hi @ssmellow 👋 Issues with App Bridge can be submitted directly in the repo here.

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Already did that, want to get help everywhere, because stuck for a week with it.