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Good morning Guys,
i hope you're all good! I got some big issues with the API connection of private apps. I am trying to connect to our warehouse system. Everything worked fine, but it seems that it stops working some month ago.

This ist the error message i get from the warehouse system logs.

error_msg:"stdClass Object ( [page] => page cannot be passed. See for more information. ) "
Trigger:"cli: artisan cron:run"
I hope you can help me to solve that. I am not a programmer, but i'll give my best to follow your advice.
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Hi @Kian_S 

Those error messages are coming from your application rather than from Shopify, so it's difficult to know for sure, but I believe this may be a result of "page" based pagination no longer being supported by the Shopify API. We have moved to cursor-based pagination, which a much more efficient way of retrieving large sets of data via the API. Basically, instead of making an API call ending in page=3 you'll need to change your app to use the newer page_info field.

So it would look something like this:

Here are some resources regarding how to implement this change:


You may also want to read about our API versioning: as well as how to follow along for any changes coming in future, via our Changelog:


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey Csam,


thank you for your reply. I will have a look over it and recheck that with our programmer. 

I will give you a feedback afterwards.


So for the moment thank you and have a good day.