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We have deployed a new version of our app about 2 weeks ago, This version only uses App bridge now, no longer EASDK.  But i am still seeing this warning:


"You must migrate Shapeways Fulfillment to App Bridge 2.0 or higher before Mar 1, 2022 to continue to be available for installation. Shopify has detected that Shapeways Fulfillment has used the Embedded App SDK (EASDK), the POS App SDK, or their backwards compatibility layer within the last 30 days. ......   "


Can someone confirm that our app is indeed using the new api? Why is this warning still here?



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The message does not immediately go away, as the system doesn't check the calls being made form the app non stop. It checks every so often. If you're confident the change has been made you can ignore it but it may keep showing for up to around 30 days.

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