Shopify CLI deletes package.json?

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Does anybody know why the `shopify theme pull` command from the Shopify CLI deletes the local `package.json` file? It leaves the `webpack.config.js` and other similar files. They’re all in the root of the project.

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Hi Dave,

I encountered the same issue and was able to resolve it by using the following command

shopify theme pull --nodelete

That ensures that no local files are squashed in the sync.

Additionally, I recommend creating a .shopifyignore file where you can include all of your non-theme files such as package.json, package-lock, node_modules dir, webpack.config.js etc. The CLI will ignore these files when pushing/pulling which speeds up the actions and avoids problems like the one you're describing. 

Hope that helps,


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I've added package.json to .shopifyignore file, but it still deletes the file on pull.

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I've submitted an issue on GitHub:

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I haven't worked with shopify cli yet but I'm keen to get into soon ever since I saw the recent hot reloading updates for liquid. What do you think about using the dist folder for doing theme pull? If a pull gets the uploaded dist to shopify, would it make sense to pull it into that folder rather than the root of you local setup? 

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To use the GitHub integration you must have the standard file structure, so a /dist or /build folder would not work unless it's a child repo... like using subtree as it says in the docs. You can have other files in the repo, and Shopify will ignore them.