Shopify CLI Version Freezes

Shopify CLI Version Freezes

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I stepped away from shopify CLI to learn more react and went back today to create a new app using the CLI.    When I ran Shopify I was prompted that a new version was available.  I used the "gem update shopify-cli" and it appeared to be successful however now when I attempt to run any Shopify command it just freezes and does nothing else.


Even if I try Shopify Version it just hangs.


I've restarted the computer.  Uninstalled and reinstalled shopify-cli again.  


Any ideas what might be causing it to hang?  


I'm thinking of uninstalling everything (react, node, npm, etc) and starting from scratch again.


Update:  Ok, now this is ODD.  If I run "Shopify Version" from any folder in C: it freezes however if I run it on 😧 (second hard drive) is works.  I've never had something in environment variables only work on a specific drive.    Any thoughts?


Update 2:  Ok, so now I'm able to get it to run on C: by running command prompt as administrator.  I can run it on 😧 without admin rights but to run it on C drive I have to launch it with admin.  Very unusual.


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