Unable to parse response from Partners Dashboard when trying to register Extension

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Hi All,


I was following this guideline to create an extension for product subscription: https://shopify.dev/apps/subscriptions/app-extensions

I was able to create and run locally fine, but when trying to register the extension via the CLI, I get this:

"Unable to parse response from Partners Dashboard."

The error comes after
━━ Registering Extension ━━
┃ You can only create one Product Subscription extension per app, which can’t be undone.
┃ ? Would you like to register this extension? (y/n) (You chose: yes)
┃ Registering with Shopify…


Since it was a generic error, I wasn't sure what went wrong. Has anyone encountered this before??

Thanks in advance,


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The first thing you will want to do is add the environment variable SHOPIFY_CLI_STACKTRACE=1

This will print out the full error 
stack trace, this may allow you to get a better understanding of the underlying issue, and help you to debug.

If the error still persists you may need to create an issue on the Shopify CLI github repo

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I tried to add it to my environment and also trying it with


SHOPIFY_CLI_STACKTRACE=1 shopify extension register 


and it still doesn't print anything more than the previous message 😕

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Look if the extension is listed after running "shopify extension connect", for me that was the problem