Unable to publish post purchase extension

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Hi guys,


Is anyone facing the same problem with the new post purchase extension via the CLI? I am getting an error 'An error occurred while attempting to prepare your script.' when I run 'shopify extension push'

I have followed the steps outlined here https://shopify.dev/apps/checkout/post-purchase/getting-started-post-purchase-extension

I can test the extension locally using the chrome plugin, and the build has no errors

I am running this on Windows 10 with nodeJS

and the following packages

the Shopify CLI version is 2.1.0
The extension is connected to the app and development store preview as been enabled
Any help will be much appreciated


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Anyone out there that has come across this? Surely, can't be just a problem I am facing

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Hi Bunty, 

Unfortunately I can't even get past the tutorial - https://shopify.dev/apps/checkout/post-purchase/getting-started-post-purchase-extension.

The url is updated by the chrome extension during checkout, and when I visit the script_url the response looks sensible. Were there any gotchas you experienced during your setup?

Once I am past this step I could then share my experience in trying to publish the extension.

Many thanks,


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I am experiencing the same issue.  Only visible via browser plugin and not in dev store otherwise.

I tried to find a 3rd party app that does post purchase extension.  There are a bunch and none of them offer an example store... so maybe we are not alone.