Unable to retrieve contents of specific assets via asset API

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I am working on creating an app with this repo: https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-node-app/. Everything is working great in retrieving product data and some data about assets but I am having trouble with retrieving the contents of asset files.

For example, this call works perfectly in retrieving a complete list of theme assets as an object:


However if I wish to make a call to a specific asset and retrieve its contents (the actual html/js/liquid whatever in the file), according to these docs https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/online_store/asset, this call should do it:


What's weird is this call just retrieves the same data as the first call which is just a big list of the assets in the theme as an object... but no specific asset contents.

calls like this /products/1977430802490.json inside the demo api console return a product object just fine.

Now I know we are using shopify-api-node for some things, but it doesn't seem to be involved after app init. That's why I was trying out these calls straight from the docs.

The call returns properly if you make a call like this without ngrok:

Anyone experience anything similar? What am I missing?

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Hey there,

Looks like the query string is just not being proxied by ngrok. Try a call to products.json with some query params like fields=xxxxx and validate whether you'll get the payloads limited just to the fields you have listed. If not, then most probably there is a misconfiguration on the ngrok side?

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Hi, thanks for your response.

Calls for specific customer and product data like this as outlined in the api docs:


These both worth perfectly. I have tried many different version of the query parameter syntax for theme asset contents but still no success.

However I should try adding the asset api query params to a product api call and see what happens.

Also I tried a different tunneling service (a service called "Forward") and it behaved the same as ngrok.

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Hi, I wanted to check and see if you found a solution for this? I am diving into my first app and hit a wall trying to do the same thing with ngrok.

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Not sure if this could be related but looks like it is a access scope problem, as you mentioned you can query your products but not the themes, check this link about setting up those scopes on your app:



By default the Shopify CLI sets the app only with products permissions, you must add the theme and all other API you want to read/write on your ENV File.