Unable to upload video file after stagedUploadCreate

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Got this error: Content-length smaller than lower bound on range, while clling POST api after stagedUpload for video file. 



- i am making post call using axios from node js to upload video file using policy, signature,key and googleAccessId.

- please let me know that do i need to pass blob or base64or utf8 data.


    const bodyData = new FormData()
    stagedVideoData.parameters.forEach(element => {
        bodyData.append(element.name, element.value)
    bodyData.append("file", JSON.stringify(video))

    // POST call for file upload
    await axios.post(stagedVideoData.url, bodyData)
    .then(data => {uploadVideo = data
        console.log(data, "data inside then");
    .catch(error => {
        console.log("=======", Object.keys(error),error['response']['data'], "=========");

- here i am passing multer parsed file into form data as file.

please provide your suggestions.


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