where to add API key API token API secret key

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lets say you have a Shopify store Vie riche and created custom app for another store style kuratorz as a sales channel /drop shipping then provide  them style kuratorz  with API key API Token and API secret key so they can add to there store for access to Vie riche store product and inventory 


where does the other store style kuratorz implement API key API Token API secret key for the app Vie riche created for them 


1 does style kuratorz need to make custom app on its shopify app store to sync and add API's 

2 does style kuratoz need to add API's to Backend code by Developer 

3 does style kuratoz need to down load product importer app to add API's and get synced if so which app you recommend 


when we go to Style kuratoz sales channel there is no manage button there no app on style kuratoz and it dont show where to add Vie riche API's for access.


please help 

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