(10$ REWARD) Modify displayed SKU on variant change

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Hey everyone!


sorry in forward for my english!


It has been 8 hours of concentrate trying now, but i just cant find the solution for my issue.


When I select a different variant (size) on my product page (i've got 3 sizes), it displays the SKU.

The SKU changes perfectly, this is not the issue. But I've tried everything to modify the displayed SKU after the change. For example. SKU of variant 2 is "100". I need the 100 to be subtracted by for example 25. So that after the variant switch, the output SKU (the one that already perfectly switches after new variant selection) is 75, not 100.

I have a little HTML knowledge and since I've tried around the whole day i now also feel like a JavaScript pro^^.

My problem is: Doesnt matter, even if I delete the EventHandler or JS function called _updateSKU, the SKU perfectly updates. This may be nice for normal purposes, but for me, trying to find the exact place where i could modify the SKU output that sucks.

Anyone knows where this could be? Or how to modify it with a new JS function which gets called when i switch the variant? 


I'm offering 10$ in PayPal for the one who finds me the solution ASAP.


Im using the Debutify 4.9.0 Theme, so you may install it and try it out.


Hope someone will understand the issue and can provide a solution.

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