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2.0 Dawn, Parameters>Policies, localization bug

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I've entered my policies in my language, French, in the parameters/policies text boxes. Those boxes are well titled (= translated), but when I import them in a menu to display in the footer, those titles are not translated. 

Example :

in the Parameters/policies : "Refund policy" = "Politique de remboursement "√

in the Menu block I installed in the footer : "Refund Policy" = "Refund policy" X 

on the page "Refund Policy" shown after the click, title is "Politique de remboursement" √

?? Something to fix in the code ?
Note : i've checked the translations in the Theme's Languages, all is good. 

Thanks for the help.

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi there - could you send me a direct message with your store address so we can take a look at this for you? Thanks, Rich