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Im looking for some direction with this issue

I have a few different product collections on my site 

My products are high ticket items so generally the price is not displayed on each product as the customer is encouraged to book an appointment and come to the store.

I have one collection that is a lower price and i wish to have the price displayed on those products in that collection


The question is is there a way to display price and add to cart function on some products but not on others ?

Any help would be great! thanks 

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Hi @MagsM 


Yes, you can custom code this into theme using metafield.


create the metafield at product level and write the custom code which will skip the price code at theme if metafield value is set to true.



Whenever you want to hide the cost for particular item you have to set the metafield at product page to true.



hope this will help…

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Thanks so much - any chance you can dumb that down a bit. Its a little over my head - appreciate it!