2 questions I can't really find answers for: NARRATIVE THEME

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Two questions that I'm having trouble finding answers to:
1.  I have a large space in from of the text that seems to come only in 1 product but not the rest. I don't know if the alignment is strange. I just want everything to the left.  So the product displays then the text as a huge space before the letters start only in 1 product even tho they are added in the exact same way. I hope that makes sense. Thanks

2.  There is A LOT of padding and the entire site seems gigantic.  How do I reduce space between each feature?  


I am a total noob. I know nothing. lol. (I'm  trying)

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Please share your store URL. Also, share the product page URL on which you get the problem.

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Please send your site and if your site is password protected, please send me the password. I will check it for you

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