3D model not resizing like images on product page

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I'm using the Debut theme. I've done a little visual customization but I can't work out why the 3d model canvas is not resizing properly.


(customised site)

(unaltered debut theme)

I can see with a standard debut theme that the <canvas> in the shadowdom is resizing its width and height automatically thus resizing the div container that has width set to 100%. I can force the container div to size but then it of course doesn't resize.

What is helping the <canvas> to resize on the fly in the standard Debut theme? Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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For anyone running into a similar issue. I was missing some CSS that the original debut theme had in relation to position, width, height, top, left and display.

A side note, I also had to adjust the padding-top for the standard images and model.

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Hi Max, could you please share exactly how did you fix this problem? We are running into the same issue it seems on the same template and not sure how to tackle it.