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3d scan product with iphone pro

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Hello guys and girls,


Trying to figure out the best result for 3d scanning that shopify allow us to do. I got a black object (sock) with some also black details on the bottom of product. I tried several times but those details can't be shown even i had enough light. Any further tips ideas will be accepted.

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I was not able to scan an object smaller than the required 8" x 8". My first attempt was a device with "stress test" properties for 3D scanning (complex geometry, thin rods, flat and curved surfaces, some are reflective metallic, others are pitch black, and multiple decals with text. In my opinion, the sensors in my 13 Pro max don't have enough accuracy and frequency for this. (I know nothing about newer iPhones.) The result is not even close to something I can show to customers, although I was surprised by the good decals. Nevertheless, it seems to be a pretty good "tech demo". I'm seriously considering buying a dedicated 3D scanner because I think Shopify is right: 3D models will replace photos in the future.


Screenshot 2023-10-11 230322.png