A background picture or wallpaper for the pages 'About Us' & 'Services'.

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How can I add some background wallpaper or picture to the 'About Us' and 'Services' pages ? 

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If you want to upload background wallpaper or banner for your 'About us' and 'Services' pages with word-press , so  just go to your dashboard , select the page where you want to upload it then click on background image or featured image button , select the banner or image which you have created and then upload.

second thing, If you are from technical background and you want to upload or set background image for the specific pages then select it write code like <div style="background-image: url('img_girl.jpg');"> or like this

div {
  background-image: url('img_girl.jpg');

here  url('img_girl.jpg') you have to give your image path and then save a code.,