Accessing App Data in the Storefront API

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We're looking at building a Raffle based Shopify eCommerce store and looking into using Shopify StorefrontAPI to maximise flexibility with the product and theme design.

Some features include:

• Security question before being added into the cart/checkout.

• Countdown timer when product is available, once the timer has run-out the product is no longer available.

• Introduction 24 hour price which is discounted, after 24 hours the price is back to normal until the timer runs out.

• Limit the maximum amount of quantity that a user can purchase of a product (They're purchasing tickets).

Can the above be built into Shopify on the Pro plan via an App or using meta fields? Also, if we were to opt to use Storefront API to feed products into our website could we still access this data and effectively add security questions, quantity limiters, 24 hour discounts etc.

From my understanding on the pro plan you can't modify the Checkout page, so all stock limiting would have to be done product by product using tags and the quantity selector turned off on the checkout page.

Could anyone chip in some advice or info on this one, thanks!

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