Accessing the full quality video file from the video object

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I can't find a way to get the full quality video from the video object. The JSON for a video object looks like this:


  "alt": null,
  "id": 23865085820998,
  "position": null,
  "preview_image": {
    "aspect_ratio": 2.707,
    "height": 362,
    "width": 980,
    "src": "//"
  "aspect_ratio": 2.704,
  "duration": 34000,
  "media_type": "video",
  "sources": [
      "format": "mp4",
      "height": 480,
      "mime_type": "video/mp4",
      "url": "*removed*.SD-480p-1.5Mbps-28503631.mp4",
      "width": 1298


The only video found in the source is a compressed 480p 1.5Mbps version that Shopify has generated. My original file is a custom resolution that's actually smaller (980x362) but higher quality. Is there any way to access the original file? These files aren't large (around 9mb). Using video_tag also gets this compressed version.


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