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For some reason, autoplay on the first video on my homepage is not enabled on the mobile version (but on the second video on my homepage it is) and I don't know why.


I would like to have autoplay enabled on all videos, because otherwise it looks horrible on the mobile version and it's not possible to start the video.


Attached reference of how it looks now: 


My theme is Stiletto, my website is and my password is y21

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Hi @martujv ,


I tried to check on my device and I saw the video still playing. you can re-check your device. I think you are using  low-battery mode


Hope my solution works perfectly for you!

Best regards,

Oliver | PageFly

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You are absolutely right Oliver! But still, the second video on the homepage has auto play even in "low battery mode", how can I make the first video also have it?

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Or at least I would want to remove the "play video" icon on the background, because it's useless and it takes too much space