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Hello there, 


Just wondering if it's any way to link the 'Sold out' button on a product page to the contact us page?




There are no products under this category at the moment. 


I am comfortable editing the code, but I will need guidance. 


Thanks in advance!



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Hi @Gveandco


Yes, it is possible to link the 'Sold Out' button on the Product page to the Contact page. You will need to edit the code in the Code Editor of your site's theme. Typically, the code responsible for the add to cart button on the Product page lives in the product-form.liquid file. 


Once you find the code for the add to cart button, please paste it here and I can look at it for you and advise next steps.

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Hi @thooja

Thank you for your reply and for offering your help.

I cannot find the file you mentioned. There is one product.liquid file, and then other product files such as product-badge, product-details, product-gallery, product-list-item, product-option, product-options, product-pagination and product-rack. 


What is the one that you need then?