Add 4th Variant Option and corresponding SKU

Add 4th Variant Option and corresponding SKU

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Shimlee is an online based shop taking customers photos and designs and printed them on wood. All of our products have multiple options for the customer to choose from and design for their home.


We are trying to add/split apart our Variant within our Shopify Website - Dawn theme.


We have options for size, orientation, frame style, and background. We have currently combined our size and orientation and would like to split these out without slitting our product down any further.


shimlee_0-1719325842582.png >>>> 




We are looking to add a 4th variant and are aware this may include code with a developer. Our most important feature and why we haven't turned to a third-party app is because we need the SKU attached to these options for our production; we make everything in-house to order.


I am also looking to stay away from third-party apps because we currently have an app already attached to these products for the customers to upload their own images and designs. I cannot add the variants into the existing app because of the missing SKU calculation. 


Website: Panorama Wood Photo Print (16:9 Ratio) – Shimlee (

Live View Passcode: Khome200

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