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I'm using Dawn template, and I want to add a customised button in announcement bar - Dawn template. This button should contains text and put in the left hand side. I know i need to use code to achieve this, but dont know how exactly write them.


Also: can you also let me know how to add a customised button in Header as well?


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This is an advanced customization beyond the scope of the forums as it's two code areas and layout styling, hire someone if your unfamiliar with code.

💣Always backup themes before changing files.

Crudely that is the file sections/announcement-bar.liquid

And to be at the end a button would be put around line 217 before one of the closing </div>'s.


similarity for the header 

Test thoroughly as you are cramming more things into areas not designed for them.


If you need this customization then contact me by my email for services.
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