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Add a table to collapsible row

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I'm running into a problem that affects the aesthetic of my store. There are certain products that require a table in the description. The tables make my descriptions very long and each product has different info. I've been trying to figure out a way to insert the tables into a collapsible row. I've created a meta field for the tables but I cant seem to insert a table outline. This results in a messy jumble of numbers and words. I'm ok with having to enter all the data individually into each table as long as it gets it done. Has anyone been able to accomplish this? 

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Hello @Valeria99 ,



Try to use meta-field JSON. 
But this process needs a deep knowledge of liquid.

First you have to create a JSON format. You can create a sample in excel and import its JSON to use in the meta-field.
Then you have to  get the JSON through liquid and display the data in the html table.



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