Add Columns on drop down header in Expanse Theme

Add Columns on drop down header in Expanse Theme

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We are looking to add more columns to our drop down menu, but the site currently caps at 4 columns despite there being more than enough space to justify a 5th column.


For reference, this is what our current 4 column page looks like.

drop down for Help Page.png


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Hi, @Schoppy 

Implementing this requires modifying a lot of code. I can help you with it. So I need to access your store as a collaborator if possible. 

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Hello Kimberly 👋
If you're open to a no-code solution, Meteor Mega Menu has a pre-made template that will support a 5th column: take a look at "Tidal". All of our menu templates can be customized and you can start a Free 7 Day Trial to see if this solution works for you.
I hope this helps 😊

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