add contact us and other info near search icon

add contact us and other info near search icon

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Hi I want to add a contact us / login / join next to my search, so basically can take my account icon, move to the left instead of right, but leave the cart still on the right. Change the icon to just say login, and add the other above information. I am using Dawn theme.



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Hi @shellbell

Can you share the URL and password (if you have one) so I can check?

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Hello  @shellbell


Go to Shopify Admin Dashboard and click on Online Store -> Themes.

Click on the Actions button > select Edit Code.

Now open thw header.liquid file and look for "details-modal" tag, probably at line no 352.

Add a new line below "details-modal" tag.


Paste the below code on the new line above the "details" tag.


@media screen and (min-width: 990px) {

.header__icons .header__icon.header__icon--account {

display: none;



details-modal.header__search {

display: flex;

align-items: center;

gap: 10px;



<a href="/contact" class="header-link">Contact Us</a>

<a href="/account/login" class="header-link">Login</a>

<a href="/account/register" class="header-link">Join</a>


This above code will add Contact Us, Login, Join, and Search Icon to the right side of the screen, and on the right side, the account icon will be hidden. 

Also, this code provided here is responsive, and when you open your store on the mobile device, left side links will be hidden, so that header will to be cluttered.


We advise you that if you are not experienced with liquid code or Shopify theme, please consider hiring a Shopify expert or a experienced developer who can help you with it. 


Hope it helps. Let us know if you need any further assistance from your store. 




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