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Hi all,

I'd like to add some custom icons under the product picture with a text that specifies what the icon means (eg. the below image) How can I do that? My shop's link is and psw: test27.


Thanks in advance 😄

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 18.40.34.png

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Hi @Liz93 

Are those icons the same for all products or should they be different based on some logic? This would require custom coding, how proficient are you in Liquid/CSS?

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Hi @JHKCreate 

Not very good, but I found an app that lets you find and customise icons - "Guarantees & Features Icons" - it gives you the icon code to copy and paste but I don't know where to paste it to make it appear underneath the images 😕 

Hope you can help!



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hello @Liz93 

you can add  your app code in the product-template.liquid file  

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Hi @Kinjaldavra 

Where should I paste it? I've tried at the end of the file but nothing's changed on the website