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Add image to Reviews.IO ratings bar

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Hello all,


I am wondering if it is possible to add a background image to the Reviews.IO ratings bar widget at the top of this site.


When trying to design it via the site, the only option is a re-colour in the form of a gradient, from left to right.


If an image is possible, it would be more versatile for design, however I cannot find where to put this code on the back-end in order to add an image.


I would like to add in an image to make it view like below, however I would also need a way to match everything up correctly.




Would anyone know how to implement this code into the back-end to achieve this?


I appreciate any help.


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Hi @Toptoys2uHS 


This depends on how the Review section is added. I would suggest contacting the Review app provider as they might give this option available for you

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