Add link to Image on Shopify editor

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Hi all,


Would like to know how do I add a link on the image so that when users click on the image, it brings them to a specific section of the page or another page, im currently using dawn theme on shopify editor.


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@JanRae Can you please send me your store url?

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I'm pretty sure I understand what you want. You just want the user to be able to click the image and go to a different URL, correct? These modifications should add an option in your section which would be an input field. You should be able to type a URL into the input field and in turn, it would inject that into the anchor tag in the section. 

Go into your specific section Liquid OR template JSON file in your sections folder. Scroll down to the {% schema %} tags and find the "image_picker" setting. Copy and paste it below and change the type to "text", the id to "image_link" and the label to "Image Link", for the English version anyway, I just added links to all the languages. Should look like this, image picker above and what you added below:

        "type": "image_picker",
        "id": "image",
        "label": {
          "en": "Image",
          "de": "Foto",
          "fr": "Image"
        "type": "text",
        "id": "image_link",
        "label": {
          "en": "Image Link",
          "de": "Foto Link",
          "fr": "Image Link"


Then scroll up to your <img> tag and add an anchor tag around it with {{ section.settings.image_link}} as the href:


Now in your customize editor there should be a field with "Image Link" that you can type a URL into. Be sure to include http:// or https:// with your url or else it links relative to your site. 


Is this what you're asking? If so and you can't get it working, just send me a personal message with your store URL and I can request access and try to get it working for you.

Thank you,

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Hii @JanRae 

Kindly check the option in  your theme . Most probably when you insert the image , there will be an option there for image url, where you can insert image url. If you can't see the option than it can be done through custom code.! for this you have to hire a developer!


I hope this post will helpfull to you


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I also want to link the first image banner of my website to shop page (all products), but there is no way to add a link. Please help.

My website url: