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Hello, I'm using Retina 2.0 template for the website.


I have set the footer into 3-grid style and I want to add the logo instead of text in the third grid.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 15.16.59.png

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Hi @barbianadesign,


What you're looking to do is possible but it might take some custom work as the theme might be built to have only text there currently. What I would recommend in this instance is to reach out to the theme developer directly to see if they can help support you for this. Retina is built by Out of the Sandbox and you can reach their support here


If they are unable to for some reason, I'd suggest to then research and look into a Shopify Expert for a small task job. 


Because this is a third party developed theme, these would be the best ways to approach getting this done!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.