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Hi there, 


I'm wanting to get a drop down box on a website that sells toilets and I'd like the option of being able to choose a toilet seat add on of a different thickness and be able to add that price on automatically if its selected. 


I was looking into variants on Shopify but I don't think that's the way to do it because you can't connect the sku and quality of a already exciting product, and from my understanding it doesn't function as an add on feature. 


Any ideas on what I could do or use to achieve this?

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For offering product options for toilets and toilet seats, you have a few different approaches you could consider:

Option 1: Public App for Product Options
If you need extensive customization options, I'd recommend looking into public apps like infinite options or Globo Product Options. These apps are designed to provide a wide range of product customization capabilities, allowing customers to select from various options and configurations.

 Option 2: Bundle App with Mix and Match Feature
Alternatively, if the toilet seat is a separate product, you could use a bundle app with a mix and match feature, such as Bundler. This would allow customers to create bundles by combining different toilet seats with compatible toilet models. The mix and match functionality ensures customers can select the appropriate toilet seat for their chosen toilet.
Option 3: Default Variants on Shopify
If the number of combinations is manageable, you could use Shopify's default variants feature. This involves configuring the combinations of toilets and toilet seats as variants within a single product. However, this approach may become time consuming if you have a large number of combinations.
Here's an example screenshot demonstrating how the variants could be set up:


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Hi @Propel-Isabella,

You can consider integrating the Toilet seat as custom options within the Toilet product using the Easify Product Options app. This means the Toilet seat becomes an add-on product for the Toilet item. Customers purchasing your Toilet product can then select from various toilet seat options of different thicknesses, with the price of the chosen seat added to the main Toilet product.

Below is an example:

  • Storefront:





  • App settings:



If you need further assistance or have specific product details, feel free to reach out or connect with the Easify team through the in-app live chat for setup support.

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Hello @Propel-Isabella 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


You can use any of the custom option app or can hard code the complete functionality.



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