Add second descriptor under product in collection

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Hello, I am using the Dawn theme.


I wish to add a second descriptor underneath of my product to describe the number of pieces that are in the order.

So essentially I want the product image, the main product description, then below that a second descriptor that is editable for each product, then price, and add button.


My current setup is image, product description, price, add button. 


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You will need to edit the code of the Product Grid section of your collection template. Someone else here may be able to provide the code, but this is a task that would be best to hire an expert for.

You would want to add Metafields to the products then render them in the Product Grid using code.


Don't hesitate to reach out for help with this or other issues with your store. Hope that helps!

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Hi @mattvermeersch ,


This can be done by adding a new rich-text section or custom liquid.


In the case of rich text, you will have the option of adding the dynamic source to get data product-wise. 


In the case of custom liquid add the below code into the section to get the data and make sure metafield will be of rich-text.


{{ product.metafields.custom.[metafield name] | metafield_tag }}


Please refer to the below video to get more detailed information.


Hope this will help...

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