Add tag/label when more than one of the same SKU is ordered

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It would be really helpful if there was a differentiator between 1x and 2x or more of the same item ordered. It is very easy to overlook when more than one of the same item is ordered by a customer. I would love to see some kind of label or a different color tag when x2 or more of the same product is ordered. 




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There are 2 ways that come to mind to do this:


a) Add line item properties for a line item with > 1 quantity


b) Tag the order (can do automatically with an app like Order Automator, or maybe with Flow)


If you're not familiar with line item properties, you add some code to the theme to add additional information to line items before checkout.


You use the ajax Cart API:


If neither of those solutions are appealing, I would just give the person that reads the orders a simple checklist (Check quantity, etc). If you don't use checklists, you're missing out on easier operations. Good book called The Checklist Manifesto I recommend for business owners / managers.

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