Add to cart and color choice in search result items

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Does anyone know how to insert in the add to cart and color option for the search results? I have 2 different type of search results that I would like to add it to.


I would like to make it look like this.



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Welcome to Shopify community.
it's customization work, for that you have to hire a Shopify Developer,
Or you need a Developer help,

Let me know if you need any more help.
Thank you.

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Hi @sabor ,


It's customization work, for that you need to hire a developer or need a developer help,
to add this feature with custom code.

You can contact ( for support.

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Best regards.


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This will vary by theme but can be a customization done quickly by a developer if:

  1. the collection templates are capable of displaying add-to-cart buttons
  2. the product grid within collection templates are the same as on the search results template

In which case their may be simple logic in a snippet/section called something like product-grid-loop or product-grid-item etc etc.


If you need to get this customization you can contact me at with project details: store url, theme name, and customization description/link. 



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